Who is Rich Hobson?

Rich Hobson, who hails from Enterprise, Alabama, has a long-standing record of being a strong Christian conservative leader. Rich recently ended his service as the Campaign Manager for the Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate Campaign. Twice, Rich was the Administrative Director of the Alabama Judicial System from 2013-2016 and from 2001-2003. In that capacity he oversaw a budget of over $180 million for the 2000 employees and elected officials throughout the State who make up the Alabama Court System.

During his 20-year career with the State Court System Rich authored the Trial Court Security Plan for all trial courts in the State of Alabama. Rich also implemented efficient practices saving millions of taxpayers’ dollars, including the Judicial Volunteer Program and the expansion of the State Judicial Information System and Alacourt.com for the Alabama Court System.

From the years 2003-2013, Rich was the Executive Director of the Foundation for Moral Law, a non-profit legal organization, which fought for the rights of citizens to acknowledge God across our Nation. Rich and his wife of 35 years, Susie, live in Montgomery, Alabama, and have two married daughters and a grandson and granddaughter.

The Hobsons worship at Lakeview Baptist Church where Rich serves as a deacon, leads the Young Adult Sunday School Class, and is the leader of the praise band.

Rich is a trained mediator and a former adjunct professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at Faulkner University. He is the past Governor of the Alabama Society of Mayflower Descendants, former State Chairman of the Alabama Child Evangelism Board, and Prince Institute Advisory Board member.

Rich is also past president of the Central Alabama Laubach Literacy Board, the Good Morning Montgomery Kiwanis Club, the Emerald Mountain Christian School Parent/Teacher Fellowship, and is the former worship leader for Celebrate Recovery at Cloverdale Baptist Church in Montgomery.

Rich served in the United States Air Force as a reservist from 1985-1991.

Hobbies include: running, reading, and playing guitar and singing in the Christian rock band, WoodScott. Growing up in Enterprise, Alabama, Rich earned his A.A. from Enterprise State Junior College and his B.A., M.A., and Doctorate of Public Administration from the University of Alabama.

Where does he stand?


Without strong nuclear families, our nation cannot be strong. The sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman must be restored. All human life is precious and must be honored. Roe v. Wade must be overturned and any government funding for Planned Parenthood must be stopped.


As an Air Force veteran, I believe in a strong national defense. We must rebuild our military. Our armed forces must be fully funded in order to keep them the best and most combat-ready force in the world. Our aging Air Force assets must be overhauled, and full funding for a 600-ship Navy that gives American sea power an active presence all over the world must be a priority.


Obamacare must be repealed in full. Instead, patient-centered, market-based reforms should be enacted, including allowing health insurance to be purchased across state lines. Eliminating socialized medicine will improve quality of care for everyone. Funding for healthcare for our veterans must be a high priority.


Porous and open borders are a threat to our economy and our national security. We must build the wall! Liberal efforts to grant amnesty to those who have broken the law by entering the country illegally must be stopped.


We must return to the principles of limited government in the U.S. Constitution. All actions of state and federal officials must conform to the Constitution, and any official—including judges and justices—who knowingly and intentionally violate the Constitution should be impeached. Separation of powers, checks and balances, states’ rights, and the Bill of Rights, including the free exercise of religion and the right to keep and bear arms must be upheld.


Free-market principles and private property rights are the cornerstones of a strong economy. We must promote and protect them. Federal spending is out of control, and we must enact dramatic reductions to balance the budget. “Made in America” must be on more of the products on our store shelves. I will oppose unfair trade deals that hurt American workers and manufacturing. The income tax should be eliminated and in its place, the Fair Tax should be implemented.